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Business To Beneficiary

As a merchant, you can credit your beneficiaries accounts from your non-WAAS utility account. To credit your beneficiary account, follow the instructions below.

Alt test Endpoint:

Request Parameters

TransactionReferenceAlpha-NumericThis is a unique identifier of this payment request transaction.o**9
SenderMerchantCodeStringA unique number assigned to an organization/merchant registered with ViewTech. This is the MerchantCode sending money.40****9
ReceiverMerchantCodeStringA unique number assigned to an organization/merchant registered with ViewTech. This is the MerchantCode associated with WAAS. It is the MerchantCode receiving money.30****8
BeneficiaryAccountNumberStringThis is the unique number identifying a beneficiary whose account will be credited once ReceiverMerchantCode receives the money will receive money from the merchant.40****9-122
AmountNumericThis the amount of money being sent from the merchant's utility acccount to the beneficiary account.10
TransactionFeeNumericThis is the amount of money charged for the transaction.0
ReasonStringThis is an optional message describing the purpose of the transaction."Paying for shopping"
CallBackUrlURLThis is the URL where SasaPay will send the results after the payment is processed successfully.https://post******909-937b
Request sample
Key: Authorization
Value: Bearer Q1k2RW5SOGlsYUZnRzNGMk1DNlE1T1gzemFtY
"TransactionReference": "93*7",
"SenderMerchantCode": "9****",
"ReceiverMerchantCode": "32000",
"BeneficiaryAccountNumber": "32***-8*",
"Amount": 10,
"TransactionFee": 0,
"Reason": "Customer Reason",
"CallBackUrl": "https://****.*o/d89****9-937b",

Response Parameters

statusStringThis is a boolean value that indicates the status of the response. true means success and false means an error occurred or the request failed."true": "0"
messageStringA description of the response status sent by SasaPay API."Transaction is being processed"
MerchantRequestIDAlpha-NumericA unique identifier of the transaction generated by the Merchant system.2****11
CheckoutRequestIDAlpha-NumericA unique identifier for a transaction and can be used to check the status of the transaction.This is generated by SasaPay API."763df0f8-a815-40f5-b13f-cdb4632793e6"
Response Sample
"status": true,
"message": "Transaction is being processed",
"MerchantRequestID": "9*67",
"CheckoutRequestID": "e45c52da-855******-eba9f92885ad"

After the payment request is processed, the RESULTS are sent to the API which forwards these results to your system through the callback URL.

Results Parameters

ResultCodeNumericThis is status code that indicates the status of the transaction. 0 means success and any other code means an error occurred or the transaction failed.Please refer to the response codes table above."ResultCode" : 0
SenderMerchantCodeNumericThis is the merchant code that is sending the money. account.40***59
ReceiverMerchantCodeNumericThis is the merchant code associated with WAAS and it the merchant code that is receiving the money. account.30***9
CheckoutRequestIDAlpha-NumericA unique identifier of the crediting requestfba2f953-8f3d-*****-6500c
MerchantRequestIDStringA unique identifier of the crediting transaction request generated from the merchant’s system.23***2
MerchantCodeStringA unique number assigned to an organization/merchant registered with ViewTech, through which payment is received (can be Paybill or Till number)."40***59"
ResultDescStringA message from the API that provides more details about the status of processing the transaction request."Transaction processed successfully"
TransactionDateTimeStampThis is a timestamp that represents the date and time that the transaction completed in the format YYYYMMDDHHmmss20220525120438
TransAmountNumericThis is the amount of money transferred from the merchant's account to the beneficiary account."50"
BeneficiaryAccountNumberNumericThis is the beneficiary account number receiving the money fro the merchant.32***0-85
Result sample
"ReceiverMerchantCode": "3**00",
"ResultCode": 0,
"CheckoutRequestID": "e45c****-855c-4b63-a173-e**f92885ad",
"SenderMerchantCode": "95000",
"MerchantRequestID": "9**7",
"MerchantCode": "2**00",
"ResultDesc": "Transaction processed successfully.",
"TransactionDate": "20220603152646",
"TransAmount": "10.00",
"BeneficiaryAccountNumber": "3**00-8*"