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SasaPay APIs are protected and therefore, you need the API credentials to be able to access our APIs resources.

To obtain the credentials, visit Get Started as a Developer section.

With CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET obtained from the sandbox application, You can generate an access token by making a GET request to the following endpoint:

Alt test Endpoint:

The following Query parameters are expected:

Request Parameters

AuthorizationHeaderBasic Auth over HTTPS, this is a base64 encoded string of an app's client ID and client secretAuthorization
grant_typequeryclient_credentials grant type is supported. Put this under ParamsBasic Q1k2RW5SOGl


import requests
import json
from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth
def token():

url = ''
params = {'grant_type': 'client_credentials'}
res = requests.get(url,
auth=HTTPBasicAuth(CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET), params=params)
response = json.loads(res.text)
access_token = response['access_token']

Response Parameters

statusCodeNumericThis is a numeric status code that indicates the status of the response. 0 means success and any other code means an error occurred or the request failed.Please refer to the response codes table above.0
expires_inNumericToken expiry time in seconds3600
access_tokenJSON Response ItemAccess token to access other APIs"qYrRg0v5UiznR”
token_typeStringThe specific type of token“Bearer”
Response Sample
"status": true,
"detail": "SUCCESS",
"access_token": "yKrv1N*******ctjQ8oo",
"expires_in": 3600,
"token_type": "Bearer",
"scope": "merchants C2B/B2B/B2C"